Something New is Looming

Current Exhibit
Start Date:
April 26, 2022
End Date:
June 18, 2022

"Something New is Looming" showcases nine talented weavers who live and/or work in Virginia. With this survey of contemporary weaving, the Virginia Quilt Museum is proud to present the craft of creating fabric. The exhibition includes pieces for the wall, the floor, and the body.  

Many modern-day weavers continue traditions and techniques that have been used for centuries, perhaps adding a new twist with unusual materials or textures. Others create work that could only be made with the assistance of a programmable loom. Some weave for personal enjoyment, while others choose to use their craft to speak truth to power. They may express the awe of Hubble space photography or gratitude for caregivers. In our environmentally-conscious times, some weavers grow their own sustainable crops, harvest the fibers, spin and dye the yarns, weave the cloth, and end with a truly one-of-a-kind garment or artwork. All of these pieces have originality, quality, and the joy of creating in common.

Photos below are:
"Plum Tree" by Heasoon Rhee
"Royal Sunset Scarf" by Laurie Duxbury
"Red & Black Snails Trail" by Jane Anthony
"Woven Garden Diptych" by Joan Hutten

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"Series I, #8" by Ruth Gowell
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