Tales from the Loom

Past Exhibit
Start Date:
January 9, 2024
End Date:
March 28, 2024

This exhibition is organized by the Rivanna Weavers, a group of 7 different artists who tell unique stories through their work. They are each inspired by external sources, such as architecture, landscape, dreams, and imagination. Woven textiles are created using two basic elements: the warp and the weft. The warp is a set of threads that are strung vertically onto the loom, forming the foundation of what is woven. The weft threads intertwine horizontally with the warp, and together, they form cloth. Combined with their diverse array of inspiration, these woven tapestries become various tales from the loom.

The Rivanna Weavers invite you to study the line, color, surface, and shapes of their work and gain a deeper understanding of the world of weaving.

This exhibition is sponsored in part by the Virginia Consortium of Quilters.

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Verano by Joan Griffin
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