Stories are Made Loop by Loop

Upcoming Exhibit
Start Date:
July 12, 2023
End Date:
October 7, 2023

Curated by Susan L Feller, West Virginia, for the Virginia Quilt Museum

Artists in this exhibition use rug hooking to document and explore social, emotional and personal topics.
They use a variety of materials, from traditional wool fabric to recycled plastics. Their pieces are made by pulling strips through an open weave fabric to create loops, pile, and texture.
Rug hooking is steeped in generations of resourceful, creative, and outspoken makers. These contemporary artisans work the technique’s simple repetitive motions by hand, one loop at a time.

Domenica Zara Queen, West Virginia
Cheryl Bollenbach, Tennessee
Terri Todd, Virginia
Karen Miller, Ontario, Canada
Meryl Cook, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mary Tayliegh Lopez, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth Miller, Maine

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On My Belly in the Grass by Domenica Zara Queen
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