Rock, Pebble, and Stone

Past Exhibit
Start Date:
September 1, 2023
End Date:
December 23, 2023

The Fiber and Stitch Art Collective is a 30-member group of Central Virginia artists who work in a variety of textile and quilt media. The collective sent out a challenge for their members with the title of “Rock, Pebble, and Stone.” All the artists were tasked with using fabric, fiber, and stitch to create a work of art depicting the qualities of rock, pebble, and stone. The artists were given the freedom to focus on different aspects of the object including its hardness, texture, color, luster, shape, and size. This is a selection of 24 pieces from the full collection which offer a unique look into nature and the rock formations around us. 

In Memory of Jane Fellows, leader of the Fiber and Stitch Art Collective.

Photos below are:
Along the Way by Jane Fellows
Ode to the Petroglyph by Toni Lockhart
Island Point by Sara Chambers

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Rocks Revisited by Estelle Porter
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