My Quilting Journey by Josephine Millett

Current Exhibit
Start Date:
June 21, 2022
End Date:
September 17, 2022

Award-winning quilter Josephine Millett began sewing when she was 13. She started out making her own clothes and hemming the clothing of her friends, and did very little quilting. But quilting ran in the family and Josephine knew someday she would be a quilter. Now, Josephine herself cannot even count how many beautiful quilts she has made. Through gifting, selling, donating, and displaying her quilts, Josephine's work has been loved and admired by many from all over the world. This exhibition contains some of Josephine's most prized works of art as we follow her quilting journey.

This exhibit is generously sponsored by the Massanutton Chapter, NSDAR.

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