MOD POP: curated by Renelda Peldunas Harter

Current Exhibit
Start Date:
May 5, 2022
End Date:
August 13, 2022

From the Winchester Modern Quilt Guild, our talented flock of free-wielding, strictly non-modern quilting ladies decided we needed a challenge to move us in a more modern direction. The result is an exhibit of 21 beautiful “Modern” quilts. The challenge? Create a 30” x 40” finished quilt using only two colors. The background can only be shades of gray. The second color is the quilter's choice, but the quilter must stay within the one chosen color family for all fabric pop color, embellishments and quilting. Oh, by the way, the pop color can only be in the shape of a triangle – take your pick: equilateral, isosceles, right, scalene, acute and/or obtuse triangles.

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