Connie B. Broy

Past Exhibit
Start Date:
January 10, 2023
End Date:
April 1, 2023

Virginia quilter Connie B. Broy has traveled extensively over a lifetime but it seems her art has gone even farther with opportunities to show her work around the country and of course gift the members of her family far and wide.

This exhibition was selected by curator Trudi Van Dyke from among over 100 quilts in her home to showcase a small sample of her work.

The creative quilter stands for nothing short of perfection. Her points are perfectly matched and her stitching is precise. But the talent that sets her aside is the way she looks at pieces of fabric and swirls the ideas that perk in her imaginative mind.

Connie began sewing as a seamstress but it seemed an easy cross over to quilting. Always interested in math, geometry and endless possibilities she migrated from color pencil and graphs to the computer. It is there where she finds the freedom to manipulate and create her original designs. When she couldn’t solve a problem, she created and patented her own “spin ruler.” Connie is a patient and sought-after teacher who helps students interpret ways to use this ruler in both realistic and abstract designs.

On a quilt rack are draped some of her UFOS. That’s unfinished objects in quilt slang. All creatives can relate to that. “Sometimes things just don’t gel,” reports Connie, “Inspiration may or may not happen.” A successful end to one UFO which sat idle for nearly20 years “Ring of Fire” is currently traveling the country with National exhibitions. Dedicated to her late husband and dear friend Phyllis Arnoldi the finished original design highlights her color sense. The elements of the design work to draws viewers into a center circle while creating movement for the eye around and outside the center. This king size quilt was photographed for the American Quilter 2022 calendar cover. 

Serving this year as the President of the Top of Virginia Quilt Guild Connie unselfishly shares her knowledge, ideas, and techniques with other quilters.  In encouraging other quilters, she simply says, “Take off the blinders and go for it.”

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Indian radiance by Connie Broy
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