Beyond the Blue: Contemporary Narrative Quilts by Sue Reno

Past Exhibit
Start Date:
August 16, 2022
End Date:
October 25, 2022

Sue Reno has spent decades practicing the art of botanical cyanotype printing on fabric. These quilts are the results of long and repeated study of specific plants and trees and their life cycles. They reflect the transient seasonal nature of the plants, the effects of weather and insects on their forms, and how they are integrated into their environment. They are a strong call for conservation of the natural world and its resources, as she believes we are more moved to action when we take the time to observe and appreciate.

Her printmaking process combines cyanotype chemicals and solar dye chemicals with added moisture and long exposure times to produce unique and beautiful prints on cotton or silk. The process can be managed but never mastered, and the unpredictability is part of the appeal. Combined with the imagery, she uses contemporary and traditional quilt making techniques to assemble a patchwork of fabrics from a wide variety of sources, both commercial and hand crafted. The work is then layered and heavily stitched to add elements of line and texture.

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Partly Cloudy by Sue Reno
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