AQSG Mini Medallions

Current Exhibit
Start Date:
June 29, 2024
End Date:
September 14, 2024

The Virginia Quilt Museum is honored to host this exhibit from the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG). This exhibit is a collection of quilts from the AQSG 2021 Quilt Study challenge. The AQSG Quilt Study challenges members to learn the history of an individual quilt by selecting one that addresses a specified design, style, or period, and then make a small replica or interpretation of the historic quilt. These quilts are no larger than 42’’ x 42’’. Framed Center/Medallion Quilts was the study theme for the 2021 challenge. These quilts cover a time period ranging from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century. Join us as we take a deeper look at the history of these medallions.  

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Quilt by Annette Burgess
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