Abstractions in Color by Cindy Grisdela

Current Exhibit
Start Date:
January 9, 2024
End Date:
March 30, 2024

In Cindy’s work, the graphic colors and shapes draw viewers in, and the texture formed by the intricate stitching gives them another dimension to explore in the designs up close. This exhibit features a range of Cindy’s abstract designs throughout her career. She creates her work free hand on the sewing machine without computer programming, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike. She hopes to reinforce the concept of the quilt as art that belongs on the wall, exploring color, line, and shape in the same way as a painter, with the added textural dimension unique to quilting.  

VIDEO: 'TEXTILE TALK' featuring Cindy Grisdela and the Virginia Quilt Museum's Executive Director, Alicia Thomas

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Blue Confetti by Cindy Grisdela
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