Sewing Machines Through Time with Mea Clift

August 10, 2024

Saturday, August 10, 2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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$20 VQM Members
$30 Non Members

Sewing machines and quilts go hand in hand from almost the time of their patent in 1844. From hand operated, foot operated, and to electric and modern machines, Mea will go through an evolution of their history and discuss pieces from her collection. Additionally, she'll be at the museum throughout the day demonstrating embroidery methods from a 1901 Singer Sewing Machine publication on a treadle from our collection.

Passionate about quilting since being taught by her aunt 12 years ago, Mea has dived head first into collecting and using vintage and antique sewing machines. Moderator and organizer for TreadleOn, a People Powered sewing machine group online, she educates on maintaining and using these wonderful sewing machines.

Because of her love of quilting and vintage patterns, she also studies quilts and quilt ephemera, having presented at the 2023 American Quilt Study Group seminar on quilt ephemera, and operates a Facebook page sharing pieces of her antique quilt collection through "Fabulous Fabrics Friday." You can find out more about her machines, her quilts, and her quilting at

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