2023 Year-End Giving

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The past two years have been an exercise in saying “yes” here at the Virginia Quilt Museum. From expanding our exhibition calendar and trying out different programs to hosting the Edgar Allan Poe experience this fall, we have tried new things. Through all of this we’ve learned a lot about what our visitors and supporters want and what attracts new visitors in this post-pandemic world. We have also continued to accept quilts into our collections. This year we have accepted five quilts, so far, into the permanent collection, bringing our total to 290! All of this work, exhibitions, programs, events, caring for our collections, paying staff, and maintaining our historic building has associated costs. Year-end giving makes up over ten percent of our annual budget and is the key to starting off the new year strong. Last year, we raised just over $25,000 through year-end gifts, and this year, we aim to raise $30,000, setting us up for an amazing 2024.

Photo is from the Jinny Beyer exhibition that was on display from January-April of 2023.

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