Fragment Fabric Collage Workshop

November 11, 2023

Saturday, November 11
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
$75 Class Fee

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A fun and liberating way to create with your fabric stash. The charm and appeal of Fragments comes from the spontaneous way they are created – there is no measuring, no cutting mistakes and no piecing. With fabric, you have an almost endless variety of color and pattern to choose from that can spark ideas and led you to discover a whole new way of looking at and using your fabric. By ignoring all the old rules and letting unexpected combinations in color, pattern and scale occur, you can bring a freshness and magic to your quilts. I share my #1 secret for combining fabrics.

If you don’t have a large fabric stash, the beauty of making Fragments is that you only need little scraps or fragments of even the most delectable cloth - thrift shops, your own closet, basement or attic and your friends are goldmines. I'll be bringing some of my stash to share. I have a lot!

Adding photos and text will be demonstrated and discussed and you'll be given a chance to do a TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) transfer. Lesley will provide a selection of quotes and images you can use to guide your creation(s).

Individual attention will be given to each student with an emphasis on combining fabrics to create eye-catching design and stunning works of fiber art. You will leave with a stack of ready-to-sew collages and the potential to create a small quilt with the easy finishing methods I'll demonstrate and share. Beginners are welcome and encouraged in all of my classes.

About the Teacher
Lesley Riley is an internationally known art quilter and multi-media artist and instructor, working in botanical printing, mixed and digital media, paint and fabric. In 1999 she turned her initial passion for fabric, photos, color and the written word into a dream occu-passion that continues to delight and inspire creatives and art lovers everywhere. Lesley has an extensive background in using color and pattern to create innovative art quilts, fabric collage and her award-winning modern botanical prints.

Supply List

For the Fragment collage(s) you will need fabric scraps. Old torn clothing, quilting scraps, fat quarters, dishtowels, decorator samples, lace, your sewing friend’s leftovers. The more variety the better. Think color, scale, texture, contrast. Plan to share to increase your variety. You will need a few pieces between 6X8” and 12x12” for backgrounds, but the rest can be smaller.
Paper & fabric scissors
Straight pins
Optional: Photos you've printed or transferred onto fabric (about 3 x5")
Lesley provides: Lots of fabric scraps from her ginormous stash, TAP™ preprinted with photo and quote, White fabric for TAP transfers, Fusible

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