Upcoming Exhibits

The Virginia Quilt Museum showcases a variety of curated exhibits throughout the year. Exhibitions of both heirloom and contemporary quilts are changed every four months and feature quilts from our own collection as well as visiting pieces. Our normal exhibition season is mid-February through mid-December. The museum also closes for one week between exhibits.




May 22-September 8, 2018

Beyond the Valley (based on the Valley Botanical) curated by Doreen Johnson

            Quilts for this exhibit have been submitted from members of the online Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Sew Along and reflect the celebration and preservation of an American iconic Folk Art quilt that depicted botanicals of the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia just prior to the Civil War.  Esther Blair Matthews created a beautiful Botanical Album quilt that voiced her declaration and devotion to her family and her country.


ExII Shooting-the-Moon-800.jpg

Fly Me to the Moon curated by Susanne Jones

       Artists from eight countries have created 179 art quilts celebrating Man’s First Walk on the Moon.  This multifaceted collection commemorates the iconic images from the news; recalls personal memories of July 20, 1969; honors all the Apollo Missions; recognizes all of the Apollo Astronauts; investigates scientific moon images; examines NASA’s cool tools; explains myths associated with the moon; defines moon idioms; replays the music inspired by the moon; visits pop culture icons; and makes us fall in love again under the romantic moon.


Treasures From the Vault:  New Acquisitions curated by Gloria Comstock

     These quilts have been accessioned in 2017 and represent several areas of Virginia.  Our mission is preserving Virginia Quilting Heritage.  The viewer will be able to read about the history of each quilt and many have photographs of the quiltmaker and/or family.  It is equally important to recognize the caretakers of these quilts - without their loving care, we would not have these treasures.


Small Botanical Sentiments curated by Doreen Johnson

            The beautiful applique quilts of the Shenandoah Valley inspired this exhibit.  Quilters were asked to create a small quilt that relates to their perspective of, or emotional sentiment to, Esther’s quilt or any portion therein.  Ranging in size from 14 to 24 inches, each quilt must be able to reference visually, and in print, its conception and identity to the original quilt.

Questions about our exhibits?

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