Bring the neff quilt home


*Since the campaign is now complete, please note that any future donations which come in for the Neff Quilt will be allocated to our general "Quilt Acquisition" fund to support future Virginia quilts for our colleciton.

Please read our Curator's thank you letter below. 

       The Elizabeth Neff quilt campaign has completed its task.  The purchase price of $3,900 plus $200.00 for shipping has been raised.  This was truly a grassroots effort.  There were over 40 sources of contributions from change in the donation box to much larger sums.  A village responded to this project and the village succeeded.  Lets give ourselves a great big hand.

       I personally want to thank everyone who made a monetary contribution as well as support for this endeavor.  I appreciate the VQM Board for giving their blessing in going forward with a campaign asking for funds to return the Neff quilt to the Valley for the VQM permanent collection.  The Executive Director, Kim McCray was supportive and provided expertise in designing marketing e-blasts. 

       The Shenandoah County Historical Society President Barbara Adamson, and the New Market Historical Society President Dean Clatterbuck, were great Shenandoah Star partners in this effort.  Barbara has completed most of the research on Elizabeth Neff and will be compiling her findings for VQM, NMHS and SCHS newsletters.

       Lastly, the Daily-News Record article, written by Kelly Clark, was a catalyst to much of the research, and let Barbara to being able to contact the buyer who originally purchased the quilt from the family.

       Great job, the power of working together!

                                         Gloria Comstock

                                                Curator, Registrar