2020 Upcoming Exhibits

EXHIBIT I February 18, 2020 - July 11, 2020

Rescue, Repair, Recycle, Reinvent

Dark Matter by Jennifer Emry

Dark Matter by Jennifer Emry

Artist: Jennifer Emry

Galleries A, B and C

Before she was a quilter, Ms. Emry collected unfinished quilt tops, mostly utilitarian ones, the scrappier, the better and the quirkier, the best. Repairing these tops – recycling some material from others – led to her designing new quilts, with some new, some reused material. This exhibit includes examples of her earlier work – several rescued and finished tops from the early 20th Century – and 11 of her wall quilts dating from 2006 to 2018. Most are scrappy. All are quilted by hand in an all-over spiral circle design, which adds a layer of interest and helps cover or ‘nail down’ the small pieces in the tops.

Jennifer Emry grew up by the Hudson River in Newburgh, New York. She studied graphic arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, then worked as a scientific illustrator at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City, and continued with freelance book illustration after moving to Virginia in the 1970s. Her interest in antique fabrics led to collecting antique quilt tops. These unfinished masterpieces inspired her to repair a few quilt tops, learn how to quilt them, and ultimately design her own. Her work now is making art quilts from a variety of fabrics, old and new. She usually pieces by machine and always quilts by hand.

Then and Now - Beyond Tradition

Drunkard’s Path the Modern Way

Drunkard’s Path the Modern Way

Artist: Linda Fiedler

Galleries I and II

Ms. Fiedler presents an exhibition of her quilts which highlights the progression of her work from her previous focus on free motion embroidery and nature to the quilts she is now making. Many of these quilts are based on tradition but go several steps beyond, while others are based solely on color and abstraction. Ms. Fiedler’s goal for all of her quilts is to make a total visual and emotional statement.

Linda Fiedler is an award-winning quilt maker, who is now retired from teaching and judging, but who continues to make prizewinning quilts. Her quilts have won awards at many of the large national and international shows including The International Quilt Festival at Houston and, most recently the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival at Hampton VA, and the Asheville Quilt Show at Asheville NC. Additionally, she as had many one-woman shows, and her work hangs in several private and corporate collections.

No Fabric / No Rules

Work by BJ Adams

Work by BJ Adams

Curator: Trudi Van Dyke 

Galleries IV and V

No Fabric / No Rules is an invitational exhibit of 2D and 3D art in all media that reflect quilt designs in their work. The concept for this exhibition arose from Ms. Van Dyke’s observations of traditional quilting patterns influencing artists in all media besides fabric. Ms. Van Dyke invited accomplished artists working in a large spectrum of media to create a piece of work that will have the design elements of a quilt but made without any fabric. Artists have responded to the challenge and work will be shown in glass, metal, wood, natural leaves, ceramics and more.

Trudi Van Dyke is an independent fine art curator with over 20 years of experience as a gallery director (Ellipse Arts Center and The Torpedo Factory Arts Center). She has curated exhibitions in all media around the world. Currently retired she continues to curate, consult with artists, speak about the arts, jury fine art festivals and writes for national publications including Studio Art Quilt Quarterly and Fiber Art Now.