The Virginia Quilt Museum showcases a variety of curated exhibits throughout the year. Exhibitions of both heirloom and contemporary quilts are changed every four months and feature quilts from our own collection as well as visiting pieces. Our normal exhibition season is mid-February through mid-December. The museum also closes for one week between exhibits.

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February 21 - May 20, 2017


Two Golden Ages of Applique: 1840-1870 & 1920-1940”
Curated by Debby Cooney
Galleries I, II & III and continued in Upper Level Hallway

Applique Cradle Quilt The Pat and Arlan Christ Collection

Applique Cradle Quilt
The Pat and Arlan Christ Collection

Quilt historian Debby Cooney explores various forms of applique on quilts and other textiles in the historical context of two different eras.   For several years she has studied, written about, and collected applique quilts.  She shares these and quilts from other private collections  with visitors in this wide-ranging exhibition.  
As Debby explains it, the popularity of the difficult art of applique has waxed and waned since colonial times.  Applique quiltmakers’ skills can best be seen in the years 1840 to 1870, and in a revival from 1920 to 1940. Both periods produced significant outpourings of appliqued quilts that feature excellence in design, technical skill, and expert quilting. 

We hope that seeing the intricately beautiful applique on these quilts will inspire modern quilters to join in the applique movement that Debby believes has planted us solidly in a time that will be seen  as the “Third Golden Age of Applique.”

“P’s and Q’s” by Fiber Art Virginia  
Curated by Jill Jensen
Galleries IV & V

"Entanglement" Lotta Helleberg

Lotta Helleberg

Photography and printmaking aren’t necessarily the first thing you think of when considering quilts. Over the years, quilt makers have used a variety of fabrics to create their designs. Some fabrics are chosen out of necessity, (sack cloth and scrap materials for instance) while others are chosen for their color and printed designs. The artists included in this exhibit use photographic and printmaking techniques to create original imagery, color and pattern on fabric. The photographers utilize their own images which are manipulated on the computer and then printed onto fabric. The printmakers use a plethora of techniques which can include mono-prints, woodcuts, linoleum prints, eco-printing and screen-printing.  Each artist chooses the surface design technique that will best express the idea or image they wish to share with others in their art quilt.


"Treasures From the Vault: Wool for Winter"
Curated by Gloria Comstock, VQM Curator and Registrar
Gallery VI

The utilitarian uses of quilts are sometimes forgotten in our fascination with the visual elements and techniques of quilting. Yet, no matter which pattern, block, or stitch style is incorporated, all quilts have functionality beyond the visual content of the piece. Uses for quilts through history have included everything from linings for under a knight’s armor to coffin drapes to piano covers to table runners. There is no doubt that most quilted items have functionalities that extend beyond their artistic elements.

Of course the most popular use for a quilt has always been as a bed quilt, as a source of warmth. In this exhibit, which opens in the cold and frosty month of February, consider the very practical addition of the “wool for winter” to a quilt. From crazy quilts to whole cloth, this small exhibit will feature select quilts from the VQM collection that feature wool.


Eclectic” By Top of Virginia Quilt Guild
Galleries A & B

As part of our mission, the Virginia Quilt Museum endeavors to support and celebrate our Virginia quilting community by displaying the varied works of our state’s numerous quilting guilds.

In this varied exhibit, Top of Virginia Guild members display an array of quilts showcasing the myriad of talent expressed through techniques and styles of quilting. The exhibition highlights recent award-winning quilts as well as works chosen to represent members’ mastery, from traditional to contemporary.

"Linda's Roses" by Connie Broy

"Linda's Roses" by Connie Broy

The Top of Virginia Quilt Guild covers the northern portion of the Shenandoah Valley and its members primarily reside in the counties of Shenandoah, Frederick, Warren and Clark. The Guild meets on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm at Grace United Methodist Church, Middletown, Va. For more information about the Guild, contact Kathy Ackerson at 540-477-9514 or at